Saturday, August 16, 2014

TWC Maxx in effect and speeds good, TWC letter recieved (pic), understanding new TWC plans and trying to get max speeds

I have had TWC Maxx since Wednesday and today I got the letter in the mail from TWC discussing the speed boost. Pics of the letter are below.

I was on the 'Extreme' plan (30/5 Mbps) and now, per the TWC letter, I should be on the 'Ultimate200' plan (200/20 Mbps) and the cost will be the same. However, on I am consistently getting 100 Mbps down and 10Mbps up since Wednesday. These speeds seem to be the way it is for me, but this is only half the speed of the Ultimate200 plan which is the one I should be on. Why is this?

I have a Motorola Surfboard SB6141 cable modem and per the TWC approved modems this model can only support up to the Ultimate100 plan. That TWC page says you'll need the new Arris (they bought the modem bits from Google/Motorola) SB6183 modem to get the speeds advertised in Ultimate200 and Ultimate300. This is a drag as it seems TWC did plan on supporting the SB6141 for the Ultimate200 plan based on the pic included in this Stop the Cap! page. I'll have to get confirmation from TWC on the SB6183 requirement to achieve 200/20 speeds. I bought the SB6141 last year (it's basically paid for at this point as I avoided the TWC $6/mo modem rental fee), but having to buy another modem (or rent from TWC) to get the Ultimate200/300 speeds would be a bit of a downer. Maybe I'll downgrade my plan to the Ultimate100 and keep the SB6141 as its doing fine, probably save some money too.


  1. Did you notice a name change on your bill yet? I just checked both speedtest and my bill here in Brooklyn heights but both are still 30/5 :(

    1. I have not received a bill since my speed was increased. When I get the next bill I'll compare prior bills against it to see if anything has changed and post the analysis.